Software supplements

This software is publicly available as online supplements of selected papers by E. Agrell and his colleagues. It may be freely copied, used, and modified, provided that the source is acknowledged.

It is carefully tested and we believe it to be accurate, but in the unlikely case that something goes wrong when you use it, we take no responsibility.

A. Ghasemmehdi and E. Agrell, “Faster recursions in sphere decoding,” IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 3530–3536, June 2011.
DOI, Chalmers repository
Mathematica Implementation and examples In the paper, 8 algorithms are compactly presented in one figure. Here they are implemented and exemplified separately.
A. Alvarado and E. Agrell, “Four-dimensional coded modulation with bit-wise decoders for future optical communications,” J. Lightw. Technol., vol. 33, no. 10, pp. 1993–2003, May 2015.
DOI, Chalmers repository
Text Data files Coordinates of some four-dimensional constellations studied in the paper are provided, along with their binary labelings.
E. Agrell, M. Secondini, A. Alvarado, and T. Yoshida, “Performance prediction recipes for optical links,” 2021.
Matlab Implementation and examples The “recipes” presented in the paper are here implemented as modular Matlab code, which can be used to calculate performance metrics for arbitrary channel models or experimental data. The examples in the paper were produced using this code.